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A Podcast Mutiny And Record Deals: This Week In Audio News

Contrary to popular belief podcasts can be exciting. Especially when an eccentric cast of characters and millions of dollars are at stake.

The 4 Biggest Questions For Gordon Bombay in D2: The Mighty Ducks

When Gordon Bombay returns to the screen for D2: The Mighty Ducks, things get out of hand quickly...

The Mythos of Hans In The Mighty Ducks

Pod is Life's ReWATCH series is taking a look back at movie trilogies that have stood the test of time starting with the zero to hero story of a rag tag group of skaters who became The Mighty Ducks.

The First Annual Poddy Awards

To commemorate the end of the sports summer we have our very first Pod is Life award show. Who will take home the nonexistent trophies at the end of the night? Listen to find out.

Bauer for Puig Trade, Carmelo Anthony Media Tour, Best Disney Movies, and Lion King 2019

We have a Cleveland - Cincinnati trade involving two of the most dysfunctional MLB players this year, Carmelo Anthony launches his own media tour, the best Disney animated movies, and a review of the new Lion King movie.

British Open, Baker Mayfield, Pete’s Picks & Black Mirror

The British Open is here, Baker Mayfield is in the midst of an epic preseason media tour and we have college football on the horizon....Sports!

Westbrook Traded, British Open, and Stranger Things Season 3

The Oklahoma City Thunder have officially traded all 3 of their stars from their NBA Finals appearance against the Miami Heat and are headed into the great unknown of the NBA rebuilt machine.

Kawhi is a Clipper, Spider-Man Far From Home, and Stranger Things S3

The USWNT are world champions! Plus Kawhi Leonard went and decided to turn the entire NBA on it's head when he decided he wanted to play with Paul George. USWNT Win World Cup (0:55) Kawhi and PG13 to the... Continue Reading →

[Podcast] Top 5 Game of Thrones Episodes, Questions We Won’t Get Answered, and…Sports!

Now that Game of Thrones is over it's time to look back in the first of our two part series examining the cultural phenomenon that has fans up in arms after its final episode. Sports! (0:20) Top 5 Game... Continue Reading →

[Podcast] NBA Playoffs Heat Up, Spurs Season Recap with Boyd, and Guava Island

Welcome to Pod is Life the Podcast planting the sports flag on the entertainment universe. NFL Draft (1:55) NBA Playoffs Second Round (16:35) Spurs Season Recap with Boyd (32:23) Guava Island (48:03) Closing Thoughts (1:07:08) If you like our... Continue Reading →

[Podcast] NFL Draft, NBA Playoff Picture, Top 5 Marvel Movies with Jordan, and The Highwaymen

Welcome to Pod is Life the Podcast planting the sports flag on the entertainment universe. This week’s rundown: NFL Draft Preview (1:37)NBA Playoff Recap (23:45)Top5 Marvel Movies and Future of the franchise with Jordan (38:16)The Highwaymen (1:06:17)Closing Thoughts (1:21:39)... Continue Reading →

[Podcast] Virginia Gets Its One Shining Moment, Masters Preview, and Game of Thrones Season 7

Welcome to Pod is Life the Podcast planting the sports flag on the entertainment universe. This week on the pod: Mick Cronin hired as UCLA Coach (3:50)Final Four and National Championship Recap (13:15)Masters Preview (31:40)NBA Playoffs Start Next Week?... Continue Reading →

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