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NCAA Tournament

Sports Streaks That Ended in 2018

Welcome to 2019! A new year full to the brim with endless possibilities. I mean, did you see some of the things that happened this past year? Milwaukee Brewers ended their seven year postseason absence Behind an MVP caliber season... Continue Reading →

Podcast: Villanova wins it all, The Weekend is back and Will Smith meets a robot

On the second episode of Pod is Life, Brennan and Harry tie up all March Madness loose ends with a full recap of the Final Four and Championship game for both the men's and women's brackets, with a few Sister Jean... Continue Reading →

Why Every Team in the Final Four Will (and Won’t) Win It All

A little over two weeks ago 68 teams set off on this wild ride known as the NCAA Tournament with hopes of being the last team left standing when the confetti falls and one shinning moments begins to play. Today... Continue Reading →

Cooking up an NCAA Champion

Award winning cooks may have different personalities, experience and skills that set them apart from each other but they all bear a uniting common thread, a set of tools that lets them do their job. Whether a baker is making... Continue Reading →

The ABCs Of Finding Out How Much Trouble Your College Basketball Team Is In

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is going to change the landscape of College Basketball as we know it. Working in tandem with the NCAA, the FBI has been slowly building their case against some of the top programs in the... Continue Reading →

Meet the Programs with More Wins than Louisville from 2011 – 2015

If you went straight into a bunker following the 2013 NCAA Championship Game between Louisville and Michigan and just came out today you would be very confused. Here are a few questions you might be asking yourself : Leonardo DiCaprio... Continue Reading →

North Carolina raised the trophy but South Carolina won March Madness

It was an ugly foul ridden game late Monday night but North Carolina prevailed to become the redeem team and enjoy their one shining moment as March Madness Champions. And yet even as the championship game started it seemed that... Continue Reading →

Sweet Sixteen Matchups

After the first weekend of March Madness provided some excitement, not as many “upsets” as usual in the first day due to horrendous mis-seedings (yeah, I’m bitter as a Dayton alumni) there is still a lot to look forward to. ... Continue Reading →

Can We Finally Trust Gonzaga Basketball?

This past Saturday an undefeated Gonzaga team won at #20 Saint Mary’s with a 74 – 64 victory. The Bulldogs currently sit at 26 – 0 and are the number one team in the nation halfway through February. With four... Continue Reading →

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