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NBA Offseason

Full NBA Free Agency Recap and World Cupdate

Free Agency is in full swing and the Brooklyn Nets are making a splash! Listen for our winners and losers after the first few days of free agency and a World Cup update. NBA Free Agency: Love it or... Continue Reading →

[Podcast] Tiger is…back? Plus Tom’s Takes and Righteous Kill

Hello! And Welcome to Pod is Life the weekly sports and entertainment Podcast that's not afraid to tell you that Warriors are really good - or that Shark Week might be overrated. On today’s episode of Pod is Life we... Continue Reading →

[Podcast] Boogie to the Warriors, Jurassic Park, and Celebrity Couples

On Today's Pod is Life Harry and Brennan talk Boogie's surprising move the Warriors (5:30) the Lakers string of odd signings (15:00), read some Skip Bayless tweets (20:05), try to figure out what the Rockets next move is (27:00), and... Continue Reading →

[Video] Boogie joins the Warriors, NBA Summer League starts and more

Welcome to NBA Shot Clock - the video series where we break down all the latest and greatest NBA news in 24 seconds or less. This week we break down Boogie joining the Warriors, Zach LaVine getting PAID, NBA Summer... Continue Reading →

[Podcast] Emergency NBA Free Agency Pod   It happened - LeBron James is headed to the Lakers. Paul George is staying with the Thunder and Chris Paul is staying in Houston. In this special NBA Free Agency addition of Pod is Life Brennan and Harry... Continue Reading →

The 5 Biggest Moments of the NBA Off-season According to Google

A lot happened this NBA off-season. From superstars teaming up to others demanding to be traded, there's now a storyline for everyone to follow this year. With under a week left until the 2017-2018 season starts it's time to reflect... Continue Reading →

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: Wild Weekend on and off the Field

What. A. Weekend. From the surreal to the improbable, this past weekend had some incredibly memorable moments from the field to the sidelines to the stands. It seemed like no matter what game or sport you were watching this weekend... Continue Reading →

Goodnight Sweet Prince

It happened. It's over. Carmelo Anthony has left the building. All offseason there were rumblings of Melo wanting out of New York but the 10 time NBA All-Star held his no trade clause close to his vest and wanted to... Continue Reading →

A Brief Recap of the Uphill Battle that has been Isaiah Thomas’s Career

First it was all about Kyrie wanting to get out of Cleveland and then it was all about whether or not Isiah Thomas was healthy. We are now one week removed from the blockbuster trade that capped off a ludicrous... Continue Reading →

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: 8/14

The Past week of sports news brought with it the start of the Little League World Series which has always captivated audiences with little kids crying after a loss as well as some amazing fun facts. In the professional sports... Continue Reading →

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: 7/9

With a full week of free-agency behind us most of the big names are off the board. The only NBA action left is the summer league where fans can get exited (or disappointed) after an exhibition game where their newly... Continue Reading →

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