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Gordon Hayward

[Video] Jimmy Butler Traded, Hayward Boo’d, LeBron Tampering – NBA Shot Clock Episode 4

Welcome to NBA Shot Clock the latest NBA News in 24 seconds or less! This week we have a very mad Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler traded to the 76ers, LeBron James tampering, Gordon Hayward boo'd in Utah and more! You... Continue Reading →

[Video] NBA Week One – NBA Shot Clock

The NBA is back! And so are the tepid, the dramatic, and the flat out outrageous overreactions to just a handful of games, In this week's edition of NBA Shot Clock we break down the latest NBA news 24 seconds... Continue Reading →

How Good is the NBA All-Injury Team?

Here at GameSevenSports we'll officially come out and say it - Injuries suck and no one likes them. The NBA is so much better when every team is fighting at full force and fans get to watch their team without... Continue Reading →

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