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Why Deion Sanders To Barstool Makes Sense For Everyone Involved

Barstool Sports made a splash announcement by adding former NFL star and NFL Network on-air talent Deion Sanders to their roster. But really everyone is a winner here.

Winners and Losers From The #BigTechHearing

The CEO's of Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook were questioned via video call by the antitrust subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee. Now that the dust has settled, did anyone come out looking better or worse for wear?

The 4 Biggest Questions For Gordon Bombay in D2: The Mighty Ducks

When Gordon Bombay returns to the screen for D2: The Mighty Ducks, things get out of hand quickly...

Our Strange Love Affair With Governor Andrew Cuomo

After two weeks of watching politicians preach behind their podiums who knew the most refreshing site in the world would be a PowerPoint presentation.

March Streaming Power Rankings

Welcome to the March edition of our monthly streaming power rankings! Here we take a look at the growing number of media companies with a streaming platform, what they did this past month, and then (of course) we rank them appropriately. You can see the February Streaming Power Rankings here. First, the honorable mentions... ESPN... Continue Reading →

February Streaming Power Rankings

Welcome to the second edition of the Streaming Power Rankings where we see what streaming platforms had a good month and which ones are following behind. You can see January's Power Rankings here. First the honorable mentions... Disney Disney’s upcoming streaming service titled Disney Plus is still ways away with an expected launch in late... Continue Reading →

[Podcast] NBA All-Star Weekend, Oscar Picks, and Duke is still really good

Welcome to Pod is Life the Podcast planting the sports flag on the entertainment universe. This week's rundown: NBA  ALL-Star Weekend Recap (1:45)Weekly Wacky NBA Facts (26:34)Skip or Stay (29:54)Brennan’s Basketball Bonanza (37:44)Oscar Preview (52:12)Closing Thoughts (1:22:00) Subscribe: Itunes / TuneIn / Stitcher

The Streaming Evolution is Here

You have walk before you can run and apparently you have license content before you can distribute your own. Almost 21 years ago Netflix became the world's first online DVD rental store in April of 1998 with over 900 titles to choose from. As the internet we know and love today starting coming into shape,... Continue Reading →

January Streaming Power Rankings

Honorable Mention: HBO While not making the medal stand this month HBO still deserves a shout out for releasing the first teaser trailer for the final season of Game of Thrones, set to air in April. Bronze: Amazon After a strong awards season led by The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel cast and crew dominating the Golden... Continue Reading →

The Bandersnatch Dilemma and the Future of Streaming

Black Mirror released their first full length feature film on Netflix right before the end of the year like a final holiday present left under the tree. Similar to the rest of the content from the Black Mirror family, the film, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, is a multi-level mental exercise. Unlike the rest of the franchise... Continue Reading →

Former NFL Tight End Hopes to End his Single Streak

One time San Diego Charger, two-time bachelor franchise contestant, and all the time ugly crier, Colton Underwood will be the titular focus of season 23 of the Bachelor, premiering January 7th. Thirty-One lovely ladies will compete to get a closer look at this tight end, including two 2018 Miss USA Contestants. The 26-year-old undistinguished former... Continue Reading →

[Podcast] Weirdest NBA Storylines, Final College Football Playoff Rankings, and The Good Place S2

Welcome to Pod is Life - the podcast planting the sports flag on the entertainment universe!   On Today’s episode of Pod is Life we have the latest NFL news including what was a tough weekend for the Bengals and Browns, Mike McCarthy’s firing, and the rundown on the Kareem Hunt situation. (1:18) Then... Continue Reading →

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