Barstool Sports made a splash announcement by adding former NFL star and NFL Network on-air talent Deion Sanders to their roster.

Now that Sanders has finished his full day of media appearances at his new employer, Barstool is triumphantly claiming victory over traditional media and their longtime nemesis (The NFL).

But in actuality all sides should be happy with this outcome.

From The NFL Network’s Perspective

If a person watches the NFL Network are they going to cancel their subscription or stop watching now that Deion has left?

Some may but by and large Deion’s absence on it’s own will not move the needle for the network. What the departure will do, however, is save the NFL a chunk of change.

After Sander’s contract expired , Deion and the NFL Network couldn’t come to terms on a new deal after the NFL reportedly offered the former star a pay cut.

So while the NFL Network loses part of their on-air talent team, they save money and have the option to replace Sanders with whatever other talent is in the wings without risking a mass exodus of subscribers.

From Barstool’s Perspective

This move is an absolute slam dunk for Barstool Sports.

They add a premiere name to their lineup that brings with it sports authority that Barstool lacks.

Outside of his own digital properties, Barstool will be able to seamlessly integrate Sanders into their marquee shows and events especially during the football season.

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out the sweet irony of Barstool, a longtime nemesis of the NFL, snatching up one of the legends of the game right from under their nose.

From Deion’s Perspective

All signs point to Deion Sanders wanting to get into coaching and beyond the dollars and cents a contract with Barstool will give Deion much more flexibility than the NFL Network.

Beyond that Deion also gets more exposure to the coveted 18-35 media market that may be less familiar with the star’s on field career.

Oh, and the money doesn’t hurt either.