After relearning his love for the game of hockey, Coach Bombay turned a group of misfits into pee-wee champs and hoped on a bus to tryout for the NHL minors.

This picture perfect ending neatly wraps up Disney’s hit movie The Mighty Ducks. But when Gordon Bombay returns to the screen for D2: The Mighty Ducks, things get out of hand quickly.

Here are the five biggest questions we have for Gordon Bombay after watching his return to the big screen.

1. Did Bombay Own Or Rent An Apartment?

When we he first see Gordon Bombay on the big screen he is crushing it in the minor leagues before a dirty hit to the knee sends him on the next bus back home.

Upon arriving back in his hometown where does the twenty-nine year old former successful lawyer stay to recover and plan his next move?

On the couch in the back of a hockey supply store.

This means one of two things. Either Bombay was renting an apartment or he purchased an apartment in Minnesota prior to the events of The Mighty Ducks taking place.

But either path begets more questions. For example if Bombay was renting did he not renew his lease? Is that why he was forced to sleep on the couch in the back of the store? If his lease ran out, what happened to all of his things? Did he sell them or put them in storage somewhere?

A trial attorney in Minnesota would make on average $48,000 in the early 1990’s. Now couple that with the fact that the median housing price in Minnesota at the time was roughly $73,000, and it’s reasonable to assume Bombay would’ve been able to afford a home even if he did graduate law school with some debt.

But if Bombay was a home owner then why did he not return to stay at his home? Did he sell his home in pursuit of his quest to make it to the NHL?

Is it possible Bombay didn’t want to be alone and that’s why he decided to start his knee rehabilitation sleeping on a couch? Unfortunately we may never know the answer to this one.

2. Why Not Start Julie “The Cat” Gaffney?

When Gordon Bombay was introduced to his new team members prior to their first practice he recoiled at the notion of another goalie. The thought apparently had never crossed the young coach’s mind that:

A) Injuries can happen so it’s not a terrible idea to have a second goalie on the roster


B) That there could be a goalie better than Goldberg.

Goldberg certainly gets better throughout The Mighty Ducks but at best he is still average and at worst he’s a defensive liability.

Meanwhile Julie “The Cat” Gaffney is coming off of three straight state championships in the great hockey state of Maine and shows killer instincts in net.

Even though Gaffney is the better goalie she never starts a game or plays significant time for the Ducks. Instead she is resigned to the bench until she makes the game winning save during the penalty shootout.

Objectively we can see that Gaffney is the better goalie because in said final penalty shootout with a chance to win the game on the line who does Bombay trust to get the save? Julie “The Cat” Gaffney.

3. Why Is Bombay Late To A Game?

After losing the team at the midway point of the movie, Bombay partakes in some soul searching out on Venice Beach to remember why he got into coaching and to find the love of the game.

Cut to the next scene and we see Team USA warming up and wondering where their coach is. Without a coach the team is almost forced to forfeit before their tutor steps in to appease the referee and stand in the box with the kids.

Midway through the first period Bombay finally arrives in his Ducks bomber jacket and inspires the team by using a duck call to rally the troops

But why was Bombay late?

Why didn’t he tell anyone?

And more importantly why wasn’t he relieved of his coaching duty immediately after a no show appearance?

If Bombay wanted to use the memory of the Ducks to inspire his players couldn’t he do it before the game and not midway through the first period?

What if the Ducks had gotten off to a slow start in the first period because they thought their coach bailed on them? Or worse – if Bombay showed up to find his team had forfeited without him present? Such a unnecessarily risky maneuver for a team on the brink of elimination.

4. Why Add Russ Tyler To The Roster?

After an uncalled slashing penalty on Adam Banks sidelined their star to injury Bombay made the decision to fill his roster spot with…Russ Tyler?

The boy who was a constant heckler to the Ducks suddenly was elevated to the Team USA because of his knuckle-puck shot and because he was conveniently already in Los Angeles?

You’re telling me that Team USA decided to fly out young hockey players from Minnesota, Texas, Miami and Maine but they don’t have a farm system to replace their ranks when someone goes down?

Why is no one in this franchise familiar with hockey injuries!?

Outside of the glaring oversight to not have alternates on the roster, the addition of Russ doesn’t make sense with the overall roster formation.

Banks, the star and best all around player on the team, is replaced by a one-trick-pony in Russ who is nothing without his shot that takes half a movie to set up. How does that help replace the offense, defense, and play making that Banks contributes? Short answer: It doesn’t.

Team USA absolutely bailed out their coach in D2: The Mighty Ducks.