Pod is Life’s ReWATCH series is taking a look back at movie trilogies that have stood the test of time starting with the zero to hero story of a rag tag group of skaters who became The Mighty Ducks.

The Disney film released in 1992 follows hot shot lawyer Gordon Bombay, played by Emilio Estevez, who is forced to coach a pee-wee hockey team after getting a DUI.

The fulcrum of Bombay’s pivot from despicable lawyer to lovable coach lies with the hockey equipment store owner Hans.

Hans plays a larger than life character who serves as a mentor and foil to Bombay. He highlights all the beautiful aspects of hockey that Bombay has forgotten over the years and stands in stark contrast to the winning obsessed lawyer his pupil has become.

But in true 1990’s fashion, Disney may have gone a little overboard and turned their character into a caricature.

Let’s start with what very little we know about Hans.

First, he owns a hockey equipment store where he sharpens skates late into the night. Second, he leaves the back door of his store open. Third, he is heavily invested in the emotional and moral success of Gordon Bombay.

That’s it. That’s the list.

Hans is a one note character but that’s okay.

The movie effortlessly hides him in their wacky symphony, bringing him into focus when he is needed and pulling him back when he isn’t.

Through the course of the film Hans proves to be the only constant in Gordon Bombay’s rapidly changing life.

Gordon Bombay idealized both his former coach, Jack Riley, and his former boss, Mr. Ducksworth, only to be heart broken when both eventually turned against him.

Riley tried at all costs, including endangering the health of pee-wee hockey players, to keep his winning streak in tact and Mr. Ducksworth fired Bombay over not dropping a zoning dispute that moved a pee-wee player from the Hawks to the Ducks.

But Hans doesn’t change. Not his actions, or his morals, or the lock on the backdoor of his skate shop.

He stays the same all the way through his embrace with Gordon after the Ducks win the pee-wee championship.

Find yourself a Hans to help you become the best pee-wee coach and human being that you can be.