The Warriors are going to lose a lot of basketball games this year and people are finding surprising amounts of joy in their misery.

In Golden State’s heyday it was normal, if not expected, to hate their evil empire. The team added one of the best players on planet earth to a team that just went 73-9.

The addition of Kevin Durant was labeled as unfair by the masses and Golden State’s lovable team turned sour overnight. The Warriors then won the next two NBA Finals, cementing their villainy status with the likes of the New England Patriots and Darth Vader.

And all of that was to be expected. Sports thrive off dynasties but fans still want to feel like their team has a chance. People want to feel that David can beat Goliath or that on any given day Average Joes can in fact take down Globo Gym.

With the Warriors from 2016-2019 that wasn’t the case and sports fans vented their frustrations 280 characters at a time as is their internet-given right to do.

But then as quick as it came, the dynasty was over.

The Toronto Raptors won the NBA Championship. Golden State limped off the court and shortly after the band disbanded.

Durant left for greener pastures, Thompson tore his ACL, Livingston retired, and Andrew Iguodala is waiting to get out of the purgatory that is Memphis Tennessee. The Warriors did add D’Angelo Russell but then proceeded to lose Steph Curry to a broken hand.

So now the Warriors are relying on Eric Paschall, Jordan Poole, and Glenn Robinson III to carry a bulk of the minutes.

So the Warriors magical run has ended and the league has moved on to it’s new villain and new story line and completely forgotten about the rag tag team out west that once was…Or at least that’s what history says should’ve happened.

But it didn’t.

Weeks into the 2019 NBA Season and fans are still finding reasons to stomp on grave of the Warriors.

Why? Because we never saw anyone slay the giant.

We were never granted the moment we needed as sports fans for proper closure. Instead we saw Emperor Commodus defeat a gravely wounded Maximus and it didn’t satiate our hunger for bloodshed.

First Toronto defeated the Warriors in the NBA Finals without Durant or Thompson, effectively stopping the legion of Twitter bots before they could get warmed up to bash Golden State. Then the Warriors fell apart over the off-season leaving the mob sitting quietly on drafts collecting cobwebs instead of likes.

But people on the internet historically have not shown great restraint and so when Steph Curry broke his hand the dam holding the storm surge of bad takes finally caved in. According to the people, the Golden State Warriors were officially done.

Because the Warriors dared to defy the basketball gods and tip the scales in their favor this was rightful and just punishment.

But in actuality it didn’t feel right to crush the already crushed Warriors in their Finals loss when they were outmatched on the court and so the second that an opportunity presented itself for the Twitter eggs to emerge from the shadows with their pitchforks and torches, they did. Just like they always do.

We as a culture love to watch the villain fall – but usually it’s because we get to see the unsung hero rise to the challenge, not because the villain trips at the finish line.

Steph Curry breaking his hand was the final nail in the coffin for the Warriors dynasty but the grave was dug some time ago.