If the end of Game of Thrones left you with a bad taste in your mouth and unanswered questions like: What did the white walkers actually want? Are there any children of the forest left? And what’s the deal with Bran anyway?

Then Amazon’s latest series might be just right for you.

Amazon Video’s Carnival Row is a true fantasy story with prophecies, dark magic, different creatures, a hoard of mysteries, and enough fantasy lore to appease even the most displeased Thrones fan.

The series follows Philo, played by Orlando Bloom, and his former lover Vingette, played by Cara Delevingne, as a string of unsolved murders lead Philo down a path that uncovers the mystery surrounding his own upbringing.

Unlike Game of Thrones, Carnival Row is comfortable with it’s identity as a fantasy series and leans into common tropes such as the misunderstood prophecy and orphan turned hero to name a few. Even though the show features a sub plot of political corruption and backdoor dealings, viewers eventually learn that it all comes back to even more fantasy elements.

But to clarify – Carnival Row is not Game of Thrones.

To draw any comparison between the two shows save for their disposition to fantasy would be a disservice to the cultural phenomenon that was Game of Thrones.

Carnival Row is by no means perfect. The show’s foreshadowing is a major issue with the biggest reveal of the first season not having any punch behind it because it was choreographed from a mile away.

Thankfully for Amazon their high production value and sheer star power help the show overcome it’s flaws to be a strong first season with an interesting premise for future seasons to come.

Carnival Row is not afraid to walk out into the street and bend the knee to the fantasy genre. If that sounds like something you would gather your banner men for, then you can stream the first season now on Amazon Video.