The NBA is a wonderful and sometimes weird place and their fans are no exception. The intersection of a intelligent fan base and this amazing thing known as the internet is a group of social media journalists determined to unearth every NBA statistic for better or worse.

Here are some of the better stats from this past week:

Jimmy Butler has not won against Chicago since he was traded from the team

Jimmy Butler left Chicago in the summer of 2017 and through an injury and mid-season trade, he has only played his former team twice. Even though Chicago has been deep in a rebuild for both instances Butler’s teams have lost both match ups by a total of two points. To his credit Butler has played very well in both games boasting 38 points and 22 points respectively. But what goes around comes around so eventually Jimmy (yes – we’re on a first name basis) will get a win in Chicago sometime or another.

This years Finals will be the first without Kobe or LeBron since 2006

This is of course assuming that the Lakers don’t pull off one of the improbable and actually sneak into the playoffs….but regardless, do you remember 2006? A D-Wade and Shaq lead Miami Heat beat the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals, Tim Tebow was still playing football at Florida University, and the first iPhone wasn’t out yet. So in conclusion, 2006 was a really long time ago. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

At 42 years old Vince Carter became the oldest player to ever score 20 points in a game

At first I thought Manu Ginobili would be the NBA player to play long enough for science to allow him to play forever. Unfortunately Manu is retired so our next best bet is Vince Carter. The 42 year old is racking up records just to knock them down later. For instance Vince became the oldest player to score 20 points in a game at 42 years old, after becoming the oldest player to score 20 points at 41 years old last year.

Portland is the only team to have a winning record against the Spurs over the past decade

When you think of consistency in sports two franchises come to mind, the Patriots and the Spurs. So the thought that someone has been more consistent than the Spurs over the past decade is shocking to say the least. Now it’s not a dominating record (23-20) but there are 28 other teams who were unable to accomplish it. As a bonus LaMarcus Aldridge spent the first half of the decade as a Blazer and the later as a Spur so read into that whatever you will.