Welcome to the second edition of the Streaming Power Rankings where we see what streaming platforms had a good month and which ones are following behind. You can see January’s Power Rankings here.

First the honorable mentions…


Disney’s upcoming streaming service titled Disney Plus is still ways away with an expected launch in late 2019, but it’s reverberations are already shifting the landscape. As Disney begins to regain all their IP for their own service it’s drawing from the well of one of their biggest competitors, Netflix. We can expect more news on Disney Plus with a sneak peek coming in April.


LeBron is to The Shop as Durant is to The Boardroom. As NBA players continue to create their own companies for their post playing careers, Kevin Durant’s company, Thirty Five Media, launched their premiere program The Boardroom on ESPN+ this month. ESPN’s streaming platform also recently passed the two million subscriber mark.

And now onto the medal stand…

3. Netflix

Netflix took some PR hits this month for canceling the last holdouts of their Marvel slate of shows including The Punisher and Jessica Jones but they are starting to set themselves up for a post Disney future. This month Netflix launched The Umbrella Academy, a series following a super natural family trying to avert the apocalypse, which will fit in nicely to their now vacant super hero slot. While Netflix continues to shore up their Marvel loses they doubled down on their true crime content by purchasing the rights to Zac Efron’s Ted Bundy movie which will have its theatrical release later this year.

2. HBO

The HBO hype train has left the station and is quickly approaching max speed. The streaming giant does a great job of handing off the baton from one show to another and this year is no different. Even though the third season of True Detective with the impeccable Mahershala Ali wrapped up in the shadows of the Oscars telecast, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has returned from it’s hiatus to carry the sunday night mantle right back to Veep, Barry, and eventually Westeros.

1. Hulu

Hulu’s big wins this month actually came not from their content but a strong month of marketing and positioning moves. First, Hulu Fyre Fraud documentary is set to go international through the distribution help of Entertainment One. Second, Hulu dominated the big sports event of the weekend, NBA All-Star Weekend, with major advertising spend on their new brand sponsors Joel Embiid and Damian Lillard. And lastly Hulu is beefing up their interactive advertising options by allowing users to request more information to be sent right to their inbox on an ad they see right while watching Hulu.