Happy Sunday folks! Welcome to another edition of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly where we break down three items from the past week in sports.

Let’s dive right in…

The Good: Paul George

After a well-deserved All-Star break the NBA busted back out onto the scene with an instant game of the year nominee between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Utah Jazz. It took two overtimes and 295 total points but the Thunder defended home court and came out on top 148 – 147. In the process six time All-Star Paul George also got a chance to add to his growing MVP resume. Beyond his 45 points, 9 rebounds, and 7 assist performance, George contributed an in-game windmill dunk, and the game winner in double overtime.

If you watch closely that teardrop shot actually touches the sky before coming back down to earth.

While the MVP race this year is still up for grabs, big moments in a nationally televised game never hurt your chances.

The Bad: Burger Debates

Another reason to celebrate the NBA’s return is that the players had just run out of things to talk about during their time off. How do I know the players were bored? There’s a full scale fast food burger dispute that has infiltrated the league. What started with Sacramento Kings guard De’Aaron Fox at NBA All-Star Weekend telling the media he prefers Whataburger to In-N-Out has evolved into an all out Twitter war with clear battle lines draw between the hashtags.

The Toronto Raptors newest backup point guard Jeremy Lin weighed in with his vote:

Before the conversation made it all the way to Brooklyn and Spencer Dinwiddie:

The only silver lining is that this may be the only hope NBA fans have for bringing down the Warriors dynasty as even Golden State isn’t immune from the debate:

Full disclosure – I have not had either Whataburger or In-N-Out but I can promise an overly detailed 5,000+ word article on the subject once I’ve done the appropriate research.

The Ugly: Zion Williamson breaks his shoe and the internet

The most anticipated sporting event of this past week was in the world of College Basketball where the #1 Duke Blue Devils hosted their biggest rivals the #8 North Carolina Tar Heels. The venue was packed with celebrities including former President Barack Obama to witness the latest chapter of the historic rivalry including seeing the preordained first overall draft pick Zion Williamson.

Unfortunately for the fans in the arena and watching at home their allusions of grandeur were shattered a mere 30 seconds into the game when Zion Williamson broke his shoe and injured himself in the same play.

Zion left the game with a a grade 1 knee sprain and Duke went on to lose to their rival by 16. Immediately after Zion left the game the Twitter mob picked up their pitchforks and took the NCAA head on demanding sweeping changes ranging from paying the players to letting them make money off their own likeness and everything in between.

Yes, the NCAA 100% is profiting off of student athletes like Zion Williamson and most people can get behind the idea of change in one way or another. But what isn’t clear is how exactly any proposed change would work or fix the system. The Twitter mob is great at pointing out a problem but it’s hard to rewrite legislation in 280 characters.

Most importantly here’s to hoping Zion gets well soon and then does whatever the hell he wants to do the rest of this season whether or not that includes playing another game for Duke.