Dogs are loyal and loveable creatures. But that doesn’t mean that it’s always easy to love them. Sometimes they can make a mess, sometimes you have to walk them in the rain, and sometimes they (literally) poop everywhere. Rooting for your NBA team also has its own highs and lows. When your team is on a hot streak, you are on top of the world, and when your NBA team is tanking, it’s like owning a dog that is constantly making a mess.

Enter the New York Knicks.

A team that came into the season with low to no expectations and only one goal – find out what you have on the roster for 2019 free agency. The best case scenario? Understand who is going to be on the team next year, trade the rest, and get the best draft pick possible by losing a lot of basketball games. Simple enough on paper – but in actuality? Turns out when you have a group of athletes who have been hard wired over the years to win and an engaging head coach all under the media microscope, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Enes Kanter

The emotional leader of the New York Knicks is familiar with telling it like it is, and he expects the same of his organization. After being told he would play that night, Kanter ended up spending the game on the bench with a DNP (Did Not Play). He was lied to and was not very happy about it. Afterwards Kanter told the media:

“If that is the first priority, that they get the young guys better, then let me play somewhere else, because I want to play basketball.”

Allonzo Trier

Trier is the radiant bright spot for the Knicks this season. After taking a flier on the undrafted rookie, Trier proved he was worth every penny and landed himself a two year seven million dollar deal. But Trier hasn’t been the happiest Knickerbocker lately either. After losing New York a game against Washington by having a last second goaltending penalty, Trier’s defensive assignment, Eric Gordon, hit the game winning three to lift the Rockets over the Knicks in Madison Square Garden. Trier had an impressive 31 points off the bench but still heard it from the fans afterwards which caused him to retaliate in kind – calling a fan a dumbass in a direct message on Twitter.

David Fizdale

The man trying to corral the chaos is Knicks first year head coach, David Fizdale. Without All-Star Kristaps Porzingis, Fizdale has tampered with his lineups and rotations all season long and never been coy with the media about his intentions or feelings. That hasn’t changed given the recent turmoil either, saying, “What are we gonna do, lose some more games?” When asked about the possibility of Enes Kanter becoming a distraction.

The most recent Knick news is on strategy but will not make anything easier for the team in the short term. According to the New York Post the Knicks are interesting in trading Tim Hardaway Jr. and Courtney Lee. These and more trade rumors will escalate as the February 7th trade deadline approaches but in the bigger picture the temporary chaos is necessary for a stable foundation.  

That, however, does not make it easy to watch for fans or to be optimistic for the second half of the season.