Happy Sunday folks! It’s the start of a new week (at least according to the calendar) and the return of the (hopefully) weekly column covering something good, something bad, and something ugly from the previous week in the sports world. Let’s dive right in!

The Good: Goose Island Brewery

It’s been a long week for Chicago Bears fans. Losing in the playoffs is never fun but losing on a double-doink missed field goal is another level of agony not even reserved for the depths of hell. After the shock dissipated in Soldier Field, fury took its place all directed toward one man, Bears kicker Cody Parkey. Even after frame by frame conspiracy level video analysis exonerated Parkey and gave credit to the Eagles for a block instead, locals were still displeased. Luckily for Cody Parkey the Chicago community has a spotless record when it comes to holding sports grudges against individuals. A common sentiment was that fans assumed they could’ve made the 43 yard attempt.

Thankfully Goose Island Brewery in downtown Chicago gave these fans the chance to put up or shut up. The company offered free beer for a year for anyone who could actually make the field goal. Unfortunately the state of Illinois has some bogus laws against giving away alcohol for free so Goose Island decided on tickets to an NFL game instead.

The results? 101 fans tried and 101 fans failed to make the 43 yarder. Maybe football is a little harder than it looks from the couch.

The Bad: OYO Sports

Even with armies of blood thirsty lawyers waiting at their beck and call, some of the biggest companies in the world still have to deal with knocks offs and imitators. The Lego Group is no exception. Enter OYO Sports, a company that makes licensed collectible minifigures designed with the same individual likeness to professional sports players. Essentially they make sport figure legos. Except they don’t do it very well.

Above on the left is Meyers Leonard, power forward for the Portland Trailblazer. Above on the right is OYO Sport’s version of Meyer’s Leonard. Anything in particular stick out to you?

The Ugly: The Arizona Cardinals

The NFL coaching carousel is must see comedy every year. The second one team has success, every other organization tries their hardest to copy it  in the most direct way possible. By hiring anyone remotely associated with it. For instance the Los Angeles Rams were the “hot” team this year especially with their offensive scheme and therefore anyone in the airspace of Ram’s coach Sean McVay (also known as Sean McBAE) was a target. The Bengals are linked to Rams QB Coach Zac Taylor and the Packers hired Matt LaFleur, former Rams Offensive Coordinator.

But don’t worry if you can’t get a McVay disciple you can get the next best thing – a young offensive minded coach, preferably as attractive as possible.

Enter the Arizona Cardinals who scooped up Kliff Kingsbury from the USC Trojans. Not the head coach of the Trojans, but the offensive coordinator. Kliff was only at USC for roughly a month after being fired from his head coaching position at Texas Tech. Yes you read that right, someone who was fired at the collegiate level was immediately hired as a head coach in the NFL. Why? Because Kliff coached breakout NFL quarterbacks, Baker Mayfield and Patrick Mahomes in college. He didn’t win with either of them but that’s not the point. They are doing so well in the pros that he had to be some part of that success right? At least that’s what the Cardinals are banking on.