One time San Diego Charger, two-time bachelor franchise contestant, and all the time ugly crier, Colton Underwood will be the titular focus of season 23 of the Bachelor, premiering January 7th. Thirty-One lovely ladies will compete to get a closer look at this tight end, including two 2018 Miss USA Contestants. The 26-year-old undistinguished former football player has a lineup of 22-31-year-old Instagram stars, skewing heavily to the early twenties, all trying to prove that they are quite a catch.

The show hasn’t even aired yet and already two potential season villains have emerged. Contestant Annie Reardon reportedly claimed via snapchat that she dumped Colton because he was ‘super weird’. She was the one that signed up to date a guy who is also dating 30 other women, so isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? Host Chris Harris also pointed the finger at Catherine Agro as the potential the villain of the season. It’s Catherine who breaks the record for the number of times she ‘borrows Colton form other women’. My guess- she is not here to make friends.

 Other Drama Storylines to Expect This Season…

  • Tayshia Adams reportedly divorce her husband at the end of 2017 – meaning she would only have months between finalizing her divorce and starting bachelor filming. Is Colton a rebound? Is she really ready to move on?
  • Heather Martin has the potential to overshadow Colton’s virgin storyline with her own fun facts – she has never been kissed! Is she ready to go from never been kissed to fiancé?

Other Week One Prediction…

  • Chris Harris will introduce this season as the most dramatic/emotional season ever.
  • Jokes will be made about stealing Colton V card. Like, a lot of jokes.
  • Colton will have his first kiss of the season. Or someone will at least try to make that moment happen.
  • Colton will cry. He always cries. Seriously, if you have money, I would put it on Colton crying.

By: Pod is Life Bachelor Correspondent Emma