1. Wait… what happened?

The Utah Jazz, a professional basketball team, played at the Dallas Mavericks, another professional basketball team. The Jazz lost 118 to 68, meaning that they lost by a grand total of 50 points

2. For real?

Do I sound like I’m joking?

3. Is that the biggest loss in NBA history?

Surprisingly no! It’s not even in the top 10. The largest loss ever was the Miami Heat losing to the Cleveland Cavaliers by 68 in 1991.

4. How about in Utah Jazz history?

Again – surprisingly no! But it is the Jazz’s worst loss since the 1979 56 point loss when the Utah Jazz were the New Orleans Jazz.

5. Were the Jazz trying?

We’re pretty sure they were but if I had to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt I’m not sure I could.

6. Well it was against a good team on a hot shooting night right?

The Mavericks did have a good night shooting 43% from beyond the arc and 58% overall but even so 118 points isn’t a crazy amount and the Mavericks are a sub .500 team overall. So kind of? Maybe?

7. Then…are the Jazz bad?

No! The Jazz are one of the only things going into this year that the NBA media collectively felt confident locking into the upper half of the Western Conference playoff bracket.


If I knew I promise I would tell you but this is really just as therapeutic for me as it is for you (hopefully).

9. Are the Mavericks known for their defense?

Nope! They are 22nd in the league in points allowed and 27th in field goal percentage, both well towards the bottom of the standings.

10. Then are the Mavericks known for anything?

Outside of trading up to get Luka Doncic in this most recent NBA Draft, the most important thing that happened to the Mavericks was when free agent DeAndre Jordan turned #NBATwitter on fire by surrounding himself with Clippers and not giving Dallas a chance to talk to him. (He later signed with Dallas this past off season because what goes around comes around)

11. Are you really going to ask 25 questions?

You bet.

12. Does this count as one of them?


13. Okay let’s stop wasting questions then – how does a professional basketball team only score 68 points in a game?

A combination of bad shooting and bad mojo. At a certain point one of those forces is just as powerful as the other and both have to collide for a 68 point outing. The Jazz shot 31% from the field and their highest scorer was Ricky Rubio with a whopping 11 points. Things went from bad to worse when Utah put up a 13 point 3rd quarter and a 9 point 4th quarter.

14. A nine point quarter? Is that the lowest scoring quarter ever?

No sir – the Dallas Mavericks only scored 2 points in a quarter in 1997 and more recently the Knicks scored 8 points and the Magic scored 7 in the same quarter against each other. That was not a fun quarter to watch.

15. Is there any coming back from this loss if you’re a Jazz fan?

There are 68 regular season games left for the Jazz (one for each point they scored), so yes there is still plenty of time for a talented and defensive focused team to make a deep playoff run. That being said I may never trust this team ever again.

16. Does everyone need to be fired in Utah?

No I think everyone gets one 50 point loss but the moment Quin Snyder gets his second one – it’s time to gather the torches and pitchforks.

17. Then what happens now?

Now we go to sleep, wake up, try to continue with our normal lives and not let this absurd box score distract us from being the best version of ourselves.

18. If I’m a Mavericks fan can I celebrate? 

Go crazy! You won by 50!

19. Is raising a banner too much for a 50 point win?

Yes that’s too much. Maybe go crazy was too strong – celebrate responsibility.

20. Can I get excited about this Mavs team?

Get excited about the future of this Mavs team. Luke Doncic is legit and Dennis Smith Jr. is underrated. A team built around those two will have a bright future.

21. Will another team lose by 50 this year?

In 2015 there were two 50 point losses, outside of that they are usually few and far in-between. I’ll go out on a limb and say no but I also reserve the right to change my answer the second it does happen.

22. Would the Duke Blue Devils lose by 50 to the Mavericks?

Don’t tempt me Satan.

23. Would you rather lose by 50 or on a buzzer beater?

Buzzer beater. 50 is demoralizing and as stated above, no one trusts you anymore.

24. Will the Jazz get another shot at the Mavericks this year?

Yes – the Utah Jazz will host the Dallas Mavericks on Saturday February 23rd.

25. Who wins the rematch?

Utah by 100.