Marcus and Markieff Morris were both born on September 2nd, 1989, played college basketball together at the University of Kansas and were drafted into the NBA seven mins apart.

To say the pair is close would be a gross understatement.

The twins both played for the Suns for a brief stretch but currently play on opposing teams in Los Angeles. But the pair also has a lot going on away from the game that’s just as interesting…

M tattoos

1. The twins aren’t identical but have nearly identical tattoos all over.

M twins

2. When the pair signed with the Suns, Phoenix gave the brothers $52 million dollars and let them decide who got paid how much. Why? Because the brothers share a bank account and all of the money was going to the same place.

Morris Brothers Assault Basketball

3.  Marcus and Markieff recently were acquitted from an aggravated assault charge stemming from 2015 when a man claimed the twins beat him up for texting their mother