Oklahoma Sooner former walk-on and now star quarterback Baker Mayfield is your 2017 NCAA Heisman recipient! Some minor off the field concerns didn’t derail Mayfield’s campaign as he collected 86% of the total possible voting points. December means snow football is back but not everything was as pretty as a snow covered landscape in the NFL this weekend. Philadelphia Eagles MVP candidate quarterback Carson Wentz suffered a knee injury (never good) in his teams win over the L.A. Rams and late in Seattle’s loss to Jacksonville an ejected Seahawk player had to be held back from going into the stands after Jaguar fans were throwing beers on him on his way out of the stadium (even worse). And in the MLB the Miami Marlins reportedly have agreed to trade 2017 National League MVP Giancarlo Stanton to the New York Yankees. Who? Exactly! Baseball News! Here’s everything else that happened:

Army vs navy football.jpg

The Good: Snow Football

The annual Army vs Navy has everything that is right with college football. Tradition, rivalry, and all the pomp and circumstance you can handle. This year it had something a little extra too – snow. Lots and lots of snow. Snow was truly the icing on the cake for this game as it forced two teams that already don’t like to pass to run the ball even more than they usually do (3 Total pass attempts between the two teams). A last second Navy field goal missed wide to seal Army’s second straight victory 14-13. Then in the NFL lake effect snow in Buffalo lead to some incredible shots of players attempting to play football in a literal tundra where they would’ve had just as much luck traveling in sleds and toboggans than runs and passes. Bills won 13 – 7 over the Colts in overtime.

Duke upset.jpg

The Bad: Blue Blood College Basketball Programs

I am a sucker for a Duke upset. Give me all of the Duke basketball loses. Even though I prefer them in March I’ll take them whenever I can get them including this week’s loss to unranked Boston College. #1 Duke wasn’t the only victim of a unheralded upset this week however. #8 Florida lost to Loyola Chicago (Winners of the 1963 NCAA Championship and nothing since) and #4 Kansas lost to Washington (Their first win over a ranked opponent since Jan. 1st 2016). Whether we are really bad at early season rankings or there is just something in the water is unclear but what we do know is that right now is a bad time to be a highly ranked NCAA basketball team.


The Ugly: The Philadelphia 76ers Training Staff

Markelle Fultz was selected first overall in NBA draft this summer by the Philadelphia 76ers. Since then he has drifted in and out of the national spotlight for all the wrong reasons, most of which come back to the 76ers training staff. It all started in the offseason when fans and the media noticed Fultz using a new, strange and awkward shooting mechanic different than his college form. This along with on the court struggles lead to a pair of statements from the rookie’s agent that somehow contradicted each other and lead to more questions than answers. With Pandora’s box now open the 76ers officially shut down their top pick due to injury concerns. Fast forward 6 weeks to the present day and we have finally gotten our first update. Survey says…. absolutely nothing. The 76ers new statement this week said that while Markelle no longer has shoulder soreness there is also no timeline for his return. The underlying questions all still remain – what was wrong with Markelle? When did his injury happen? Why in the world was he playing the first two weeks of the season if he was so injured? All strange questions coming from a training staff that has dealt with young players and serious injuries for back to back years now. Hopefully we’ll get answers eventually and Markelle will be back on the court soon.

By: @HarryWahl07