The College Football Playoff is set and would look at that there is controversy abound! The same rule that got Ohio State in last year unfortunately has them on the outside looking in this year. Tiger Woods is…. back? Tiger lit up the scoreboard at a small tournament this weekend which has all of golf fans hopeful for (at the least) a healthy Tiger this year. Turns out everyone we thought was good in the NBA is actually is including the Cleveland Cavaliers who have won 12 straight. With all that in mind lets jump into this week in sports:


The Good: College Football Playoff Selection Committee

Last year the College Football selection committee made a statement when they took Ohio State into the field over Big Ten Champion Penn State. The statement was that Conference Championships weren’t the end all be all when it came to the playoff. So fast forward one year later and the committee is tasked again with pairing down the field of College Football’s best to the final four. Their choice? Once again the committee went with the precedent they set and choose Alabama over the Big Ten Champion Ohio State. While there are certainly improvements that can be made to improve the process I don’t think it’s fair to heavily criticize the committee when they did exactly what they did last year.


The Bad: New Arizona State Coach Herm Edwards

As we talked about last week the college coaching carousel is in full swing and landed former Kansas City Chief coach Herm Edwards at Arizona State University. (Because nothing says energy and revitalizing a program like a 65 year old coach) Herm’s  introductory press conference was something for the ages as he was asked a question from the team’s Yahoo affiliate website, Devils Digest. Herm’s response was, “Devils Digest? I’m Catholic now, I’m Christian, watch out for them Devils. I’m just saying. We’re good brother, we’re good. I ain’t takin it personal.” Herm is going to be so disappointing when he finds out he is now coaching the Arizona State Sun Devils.


The Ugly: Lavar Ball and his terrible, no good, very bad day

Lavar Ball was supposed to have a good week this week. His oldest son’s signature shoe was finally shipping to consumers who forked over a large sum of cash for it (only to have the shoe they bought swapped out for another one before shipping). Unfortunately for Lavar however when it rains it pours. This week the Lakers announced a new media policy that bans media from being in section of the arena designated for friends and guests. Essentially taking the camera out of Lavar’s face after his recent comments about the Lakers coaching. To add insult to injury this new rule is being dubbed the ‘Lavar Ball Rule’.

By: @HarryWahl07