With the College coaching carousel in full tilt this past week we’re dedicating the weekly roundup just to all the cash that is promised to coaches who no longer have jobs:

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 30 South Carolina at Texas A&M

The Good: Former Texas A&M Coach Kevin Sumlin’s Agent

With two years left on his contract Kevin Sumlin is owed a little over $10 million dollars by the good people of Texas A&M University. Fortunately for Sumlin even after being fired by the University he will still see all of that $10 million even if he is hired by another University. Kevin however should send a good chunk of that change to his agent who negotiated his sweet deal. Why? There is a clause in Kevin’s contract that Texas A&M must pay him the lump sum $10 million in the next 60 days. That’s right, what Notre Dame paid former coach Charlie Weis over the course of 4 years, Sumlin will get in 60 days. Don’t spend it all at once Kevin.

BONUS GOOD: Chip Kelly hired on his birthday for UCLA job where former coach was fired on his birthday


The Bad: Arizona State

After six seasons at Arizona State Todd Graham was fired following a 7-5 season and an overall record of  42-30. Clearly the administration felt the program was ready for a change but it’s always odd to see a coach fired when he has a winning record and bowl eligible team. On top of the odd circumstances Arizona State still owes Graham nearly $12 million dollars as his contract runs through 2020. Graham and his staff will (for some odd reason) remain on for the Sun Devils upcoming bowl game, after which Arizona State will be coached by 63 year old former Kansas City Chiefs coach Herm Edwards.


The Ugly: Tennessee Football

When news leaked that Tennessee was going to replace fired coach Butch Jones with Ohio State defensive coordinator Greg Schiano, the Tennessee faithful went nuts. A small protest on campus and a massive social media movement resulted in Tennessee getting cold feet and backing out of their memorandum of agreement with Schiano. Tennessee fans rejoiced – they didn’t want Greg Schiano, they wanted… well now that’s the problem – they don’t really know. On top of that the administration is now in a terrible position where any coach they offer is concerned about a fan base revolting against them. Congratulations Tennessee you won the fight and lost the war.

By: @HarryWahl07