At GameSevenSports we are a fan of the new age NBA, but due to Harry’s work with the NBA All-Injury Team, it got me to thinking, what would the NBA Senior Citizen Team look like?  There are still some great stars in this league, who although have seen their roles diminish dramatically, are still leaving fans in amazement with what they can do as athletes at their age.  These are the guys that came into the league with the likes of Kobe, Shaq, Tim Duncan, Steve Nash, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, KG, the names that we adore that have moved on to retirement villages and roles as broadcasters.  These are the guys that are sticking it out, and if all on one team, would put asses in the seats on the sheer fact of nostalgia.

The Ground Rules:

You have to be above age 37.  That is pretty much it.  Everything else does not matter for this team.  Will they be competitive?  I think you know the answer to that.  But would they be fun to see?  Absolutely.

Meet the Team:

Senior Citizen meet the team.png

Guard: Manu Ginobli

Age: 40 years 97 days.

Manu is a magician with the ball, and with no point guard over the age of 37 and the move to positionless basketball, this was the perfect fit.  We all know who Manu Ginobli is, he’s thrived in the San Antonio system, he played the upset role in the 2004 Olympics when he led Argentina to the Gold Medal.  He will be the way the ball moves, providing maybe a flash of youth behind the shine of his bald spot.

Guard: Jason Terry

Age: 40 years 48 days

Jason Terry provides the spot up shooting that this team will need.  With the three ball becoming more and more prevalent since the start of all of these grandpa’s careers, The Jet is this team’s answer.  Playing with 6 teams over his career, holding one of the greatest nicknames, and with the second best tattoo in the history of the NBA, Terry provides a great attitude to this team.

Forward: Vince Carter

Age: 40 years 280 days

Three guys in your starting lineup over the age of 40?!  You better believe it.  Vinsanity still has it.  This guy is still throwing down 360 dunks in warmups.

He is the oldest active player in the league. Playing for the irrelevant Sacramento Kings, but you better believe that he’ll provide at least one more highlight before he is done.  The best dunker of a generation, there’s no other choice to be starting at the 3.

Forward:  Dirk Nowitzki

Age: 39 years 136 days

The original stretch 4 continues his role with this team.  PorzinGOD before PorzinGOD.  Leading the way for Kristaps and Markkanen to become “the next Dirk”.  This guy is a prolific scorer, who now can only play roughly 5 minutes at a time, but that does not change that he has patented the one legged fadeaway that we all have tried in our driveway.  Keep doing you Dirk.  Pick and roll with Manu and Dirk?  Come on, this is Fran Fraschilla’s dream.

Forward/Center: Pau Gasol

Age: 37 years 119 days

Rounding out the starting lineup is the youngest member of the starters.  Pau being Pau.  Currently having joined forces with our starting point guard Manu in San Antonio, Pau provides rim protection for the squad due to the fact he is still averaging nearly 2 blocks a game.  Being a stretch five doesn’t hurt the offense and open ball movement we will need to compete.

The Bench: David West, Richard Jefferson, Jamal Crawford, Udonis Haslem

RJ is the owner of the most iconic tattoo in NBA history.  That alone makes him worthy of this team, but the fact that my man can still get up and throw down on people does not hurt.

David West brings toughness off the bench, but at the end of the day, Jamal Crawford will be leading candidate for 6th man of the year.  No one on this team can give us more than 18 minutes a night, so whether or not you can call him 6th man I have no clue.  But for sake of this team he is the microwave off the bench that can hopefully push us over 82 points per game.  Udonis Haslem has yet to log a minute this season but leaving him off this list would be absolutely wrong.

The Outcome: 

According to the All Senior Citizen Team is total win shares of 25 based on their numbers last season. This seems high considering no one on this team played more than 20 minutes per game.  Honestly, putting this team together would almost all but guarantee the number one spot in the lottery, allowing for Marvin Bagley III to be the savior of whatever franchise put this team together.  The real question is: would the Cavaliers be able to guard the Senior Citizen Team?

By: @JustabunchaBS

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