The Houston Astros are your 2017 World Series Champions.  For the first time in their franchise’s 56-year history they have raised up the World Series trophy in a Cinderella Story ending after the horrific flooding of Hurricane Harvey.  Sports Illustrated correctly predicted this happening three years ago, which bears the question: Were the Houston Astros “The Process” before “The Process”?  Houston pulled the ultimate tank job, rebuilding from the ground up after three consecutive 100 loss seasons.  These losing seasons resulted in their own version of Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, and *Markelle Fultz*: George Springer, Alex Bregman, and Carlos Correa.  They had some good fortune with Jose Altuve, who repeatedly was not invited back to tryouts, but returned for day two of the tryout with the Astros after they sent him home and ended up signing a $15,000 contract per Bleacher Report.

After trusting the process, they got a good young core into the Majors and were ready to make some moves.  In comes Justin Verlander to save the day.  This was the big move the team needed in the clubhouse.  Management telling them “we’re all in, let’s win this thing”.  And now, they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.  The pure talent of this core is something that is built to last, not be a one-time deal.  I would put all of my money on Jose Altuve getting 200 hits next season.  George Springer became World Series MVP and is a legit superstar.  Carlos Correa is a top 5 shortstop in the league, and Bregman is another phenomenal young star that is only going to get better and isn’t scared of the moment as we saw in his game 2 walk-off single.  Verlander, although aging, seems to be revitalized in Houston, Keuchel isn’t going anywhere, and McCullers is a solid number 3 in that rotation.  If Charlie Morton can be 75% of his career year this season, that is a 4 man rotation anyone would go into the playoffs next season with.

What needs to be improved is the bullpen, and with the success of this season, and ability of this front office to have solid scouting, and make the necessary moves it will improve this offseason.  According to ESPN, the Astros and Indians open up at 6-1 odds to be World Series Champions next season, trailing only the Dodgers at 5-1 odds.  The Dodgers will make big splashes in free agency, as will the Cubs and Yankees.  The big market teams can afford to do that.  For the little guys (no pun intended with Altuve) you have to build from the ground up.  The Astros were perfect proof that you can trust the process.  Now they’re champions.

By: @JustABunchaBS