What if I told you that the Cleveland Cavaliers losing to the New York Knicks at home and sitting at below .500 was not even one of the top 5 sports stories from this past week? That pretty much sums up what has been an absurd week of sports. In short this week had: World Series racism, a ball controversy and amazing games, arguably the best NFL game this year, and College Football games with huge playoff implications such as Ohio State’s comeback against Penn State and Iowa State upsetting another top 5 team. Nuts to say the least. Here’s everything else that happened as well:


The Good: The JuJu Smith-Schuster Bike Saga

The NFL’s youngest player, 20 year old Pittsburgh wide out JuJu had quite a week. Without a drivers license JuJu traveled too and from practice using his bike before it got stolen. Taking to social media JuJu asked for the assistance of the public to help find his bike so he could get to work. Thankfully JuJu was reunited with his bike which he celebrated by using his NFL cleats to commemorate the experience and locking up a bike following a touchdown catch during Sunday’s game.


The Bad: Oakland Tech High School

Last week Marshawn Lynch received a one game suspension last week for making contact with an official while trying to separate a teammate during a scrum on the field during the Raiders game against the Chiefs. During his week off Lynch posted a video where he practiced at his own high school. Weel – practiced is a strong word, Marshawn was literally running over, around and through the boys at Oakland Tech High School. Apparently the California Interscholastic Federation didn’t see the humor in this stunt however as they have decided to investigate the incident and coach involved for a violation of state rules that say only 9th – 12th graders may compete or practice with high school students. Lighten up guys, it’s a professional football player coming back to his roots and playing with a group of kids. No need to be a buzzkill.

BONUS BAD: NBA Player Shabazz Muhammad is legally changing his name to Bazz


The Ugly: Dodger Fans 

Astros Manager Aj Hinch was reportedly having a beverage at the hotel bar following his team’s game 1 loss to the Dodgers when he began to be heckled by opposing fans. Things then escalated to shouting between the two parties until the police were called but no charges were filed or reports written. As the series shifts back to LA with the Astros up 3 games to 2 the Dodger fans in question must feel pretty silly for getting the opposing coach riled up.

BONUS UGLY: New York Knick players don’t known the plays?

By: @HarryWahl07