College Football upsets galore! Clemson, Washington and Auburn all downed while Miami and their undefeated turnover chain pull out another exciting victory.  The Astros lead the Yankees 2-1 while the Cubs need to win in Wrigley this week to keep their season alive against the Dodgers. The NBA is officially back this week and last but not least someone needs to explain to me how the winless Giants without any receivers beat the Broncos. With all that in mind let’s jump into the last week in sports:

The Good: NBA Pettiness 

tweet tweet

From Kyrie to Embiid and everything in-between, the last week before the NBA season officially kicked off still managed to stay relevant in the headlines. This week we learned that apparently Kyrie Irving’s pettiness has no bounds when in an interview he said, “Boston, I’m driving in and (thinking), ‘I’m really playing in a real, live sports city”  While not directly calling out his former city Kyrie’s quote still cuts deep for Cleveland fans already reeling from his untimely departure. In addition Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid added a Twitter beef to his resume when he fired off a stream of tweets following several interactions with Heat center Hassan Whiteside. Bring on the NBA Season!

The Bad: The NCAA


The NCAA is currently on the hot seat. In one corner they have the FBI, yes the Federal Bureau of Investigation, investigating numerous schools, athletic departments and shoe companies for breaking not just the NCAA’s amateur policy but actual laws. All of which has been occurring right under the NCAA’s nose. And in the other corner the NCAA announced this week that they ‘could not conclude‘ whether or not the University of North Carolina violated academic rules with fake courses. This announcement came as the conclusion to a 3 YEAR LONG INVESTIGATION. It appears that the NCAA is really good at making money off of college athletics while turning a blind eye to whatever else is going on.

The Ugly: NFL Rules

This past Sunday the New York Jets played The New England Patriots for first place in the division. Yes, you read that right. The New York Jets, who some predicted would not win a game this year, had a chance to sit atop the division this week if they could beat their rival Patriots. The Jets continued to shock the world as they lead the Patriots through a majority of the first half. Even in the second half the Jets kept it close until the next great chapter in the NFL rules saga occurred. With under ten minutes to play in the fourth quarter the Jets were down 10 and in the red zone when their Tight End, Austin Seferian-Jenkins, caught a pass across the middle before dragging two defenders with him over the pylon and into the end zone. Unfortunately upon review what was called a touchdown on the field was overturned because the refs said Jenkins lost control of the ball going into the end zone. The result of that call meant instead of a touchdown it was a touchback and the Patriots got the ball at their own 20 yard line. This huge and highly disputed call has caught the attention of fans from all teams as anyone can see when they watch the replay that it was clear that this should’ve been a touchdown. Tough day for Jets fans.

By: @HarryWahl07