What. A. Weekend.

From the surreal to the improbable, this past weekend had some incredibly memorable moments from the field to the sidelines to the stands. It seemed like no matter what game or sport you were watching this weekend it came down to the last second. Penn State threw a game winning touchdown as time expired to escape Iowa with a win, Florida extended their winning streak over Kentucky to 31 games after a 57 yard Wildcat field goal came up short, the first game of the WNBA finals ended on a buzzer beater, the Bears (somehow) won in overtime, and the Lions lost the game on a bogus NFL rule at that made the clock expire! *Pause for breathe* Wild weekend is an understatement but that’s what we are going to roll with today. There also was plenty of tomfoolery and hi-jinks to go around that we’ll get to right now with our weekly wrap-up:

The Good: NBA Media Day

NBA media day

There are three things that are unavoidable in life: Death, Taxes and worthless NBA Media Day quotes. This week’s media day proved more of the same. Bleacher Report pulled together a great thread on Twitter of every NBA player who was quoted saying they were in the best shape of their career. Nicolas Batum, Ian Mahinmi, Malcolm Brogdon, and Jusuf Nurkić are among the ballers who apparently have never been better! This media day also brought out the recently traded Carmelo Anthony’s alternate personality Hoodie Melo, literally. And last but not least Miami Heat forward Justice Winslow gave fans the encouragement they were looking for when asked about his shooting woes the past few years. His response was, “God doesn’t give everyone everything.”

The Bad: Kentucky Football

As mentioned before Kentucky lost for the 31st consecutive time to Florida this past weekend. That within itself is bad but the  manner in which this loss happened is worse. Kentucky was up for most of the game over #20 Florida and had the lead with 49 seconds to go but then decided to not play defense:

Florida bad.PNG

Yes that’s right, inside the 5 yard line Kentucky left a wide-out for Florida wide open. That wide-out proceeded to catch the go ahead touchdown that put Florida up for good.

BONUS BAD: Saints cut Fullback John Kuhn for second time in one month

The Ugly:  The Last 30 Seconds of the first half of the Bears Game

Bear down.PNG

The Bears blocked the Steelers field goal attempt at the end of the first half and returned it for a touchdo- wait no! The Bears cornerback Marcus Cooper seemingly didn’t realize he was being chased down and was stripped of the ball at the one yard line. Thanks to a penalty however the Bears got another chance to score, this time from inside the three yard line. That was until they got a false start penalty that pushed them back five yards. Now eight yards away from the goal line with no timeouts or time left the Bears elected to kick a field goal to limp into the half with at least some points after being denied a touchdown…twice.

By: @HarryWahl07