The NFL is back! Following a strong Saturday of marquee college football match ups the only sports league that owns an entire day of the week returned with a vengeance and some surprises right out of the gate. Are the Raiders for real? Are the Patriots done? Will the Vikings be playing a Super Bowl in their hometown this year? We’ll have to wait and see. While still nobody knows what a catch is, everyone is just happy that they can root for their team while optimism is at an all time high. With that in mind let’s recap the highs and lows of the last week in sports:

The Good: Cleveland Indians 


More like the Win-dians am I right? When you’re hot you’re hot and as the baseball season comes to a close no one has been hotter than the Cleveland Indians who have won 19 straight games. To put that into some perspective, this streak is the 2nd longest streak since 1947, the year Jackie Robinson won MLB Rookie of the Year. Is Cleveland peaking too early? Maybe, but rattling off 19 wins anytime of the season is always a good thing. Even better than the team’s play on the field has been the clubs social media presence recently which is definitely worth checking out if you haven’t seen it yet.

BONUS GOOD: Tony Romo predicts plays during his first NFL broadcast

The Bad: Colts Head Coach Chuck Pagano


Following a horrific season opener where his team lost 46 – 9, Chuck Pagano had a post game press conference where for the ages where he said:

“We got our a**** kicked. Credit to the 49ers and coach McVay.”

The only problem? The Colts played the Los Angeles Rams, not the 49ers. Better luck next week Colts fans.

The Ugly: Louisiana Tech 


Very very very rarely does an announcer say 3rd and a mile and mean it. They meant it during this week’s Mississippi State vs Louisiana Tech college football game. Early in the fourth quarter the game was already over with the LA Tech Bulldogs trailing 14 – 57 but the Bulldogs were in scoring position deep in Mississippi State territory.

Then the fumble happened.

In one of the most bizarre and hectic scenes I’ve ever seen, Tech proceeded to loose the football and the following mad scramble between both teams for possession resulted in a 78 yard loss. LA Tech then had a 3rd down and 93 yards to go for a first down. Needless to say they were forced to punt and did not win the game.

By: @HarryWahl07