College football is back! The opening weekend was delightfully competitive with the highs of UCLA’s monstrous 34 point comeback and the lows of #3 Florida State’s quarterback being out for the rest of the season. With NFL opening up their regular season next weekend it’s officially time to break out the chips and salsa and find your TV spot – football is back from now till February. With that in mind let’s jump into a Labor Day Weekend sports wrap up:

The Good: Miami Hurricane’s Turnover Chain


Back in the day “The U” was known for being a hotbed for wild and crazy football stories while in recent years the team is starting to get back on the winning track in a very competitive ACC conference. This past weekend gave the Miami faithfully reason to hope that those two worlds could be colliding. On Saturday Miami Sophomore Defensive Back Malek Young intercepted a pass early in the fourth quarter and was rewarded with the team’s turnover chain before he even returned to his sideline. The chain is an incentive for the Miami defense to force more turnovers and whether or not it works is not the point. The point is this chain is everything that is right with College Football. Every team needs a turnover chain, even BYU.

The Bad: Kansas City’s Hitters


Baseball is still going on in case anyone forgot! The season is wrapping up, which generally is a good time for teams to finish strong heading into the postseason. This is not the case for the Kansas City Royals who choose the worst time possible to go 45 innings without scoring a run. The streak is tied for the second longest scoring drought in baseball history and, more importantly, caused the team to drop four consecutive games. This drop puts the Royals three games out in the Wild Card race. Tough time to make history.

The Ugly: LaMelo Ball’s College Eligibility


The Ball family’s college eligibility was a ticking time bomb, but I’m not sure how many people had Big Baller Brands (BBB) coming out with a shoe deal right in the NCAA’s face. BBB, which is run by head of the family LaVar Ball, announced a $395 signature shoe for 16 year old LaMelo. The sports world was quick to point out that this would ruin the youngest Ball brother’s NCAA amateur status, meaning he would not be able to play college basketball. LaVar told ESPN after the release that, “We’ll worry about that when we get there,” in reference to eligibility questions. No need to worry LaMelo faithful, I’ll save you some time and just let you know that if he profits from these shoe sales he will not be playing in college.

By: @HarryWahl07