The fight of the summer has come and gone and it turns out the pundits pretty much knew exactly what was going to happen, there were a bunch of great eclipse jokes at the expense of the Phoenix Suns, and we are less than one week away from College Football kicking off. With all that in mind let’s recap the last week of the summer in sports news:

The Good: Conor McGregor


If you saw the aftermath of the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight last night you probably noticed that McGregor sure was smiling a lot for losing. That’s because he may have lost the fight but he won the war. While both sides talked up their fight the entire summer, the public’s general consensus was that McGregor didn’t stand a chance and that this was going to be a bad fight. A bad fight everyone was willing to pay for, but a bad fight none the less. On the contrary the fight was surprisingly even between the two foes and entertaining to watch. McGregor came out hot but his lack of stamina became an issue in the later rounds before Mayweather won by a technical knockout. So McGregor technically lost the fight but still will net over $100 million dollars and preformed far better than most believed he would, which will open new doors for him to compete in either the MMA or Boxing world moving forward.

The Bad: Gillette Stadium


Now – bear with me on this one. While the planning and construction of Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots, was occurring the team had 0 Championship Banners to worry about. Now when the Patriots open the regular season in two weeks they will raise their 5th banner. One small problem – the stadium doesn’t have room for five banners. Thankfully that changed this past week as the Patriots hoisted a large sign weighing approximately 8,000 pounds that will fit their 5 banners neatly underneath. What an unfortunate problem to have.

The Ugly: NBA 2K18


The popular video game launches Sept 19th across the world with Kyrie Irving in a Cleveland Cavaliers uniform on the cover. With a Kyrie trade to the Celtics looming the company is now in a tight spot as the highly anticipated video game will be inaccurate upon release. Little could 2K have known when announced the cover on June 1st that the following weeks would be filled with Kyrie news and a trade. The company has announced that they will eventually release another version of the game with Kyrie in the correct uniform on the cover.

The NBA 2K Twitter Account Official Reaction to the Kyrie Trade News

By: @HarryWahl07