Aaron Judge hit a 457-foot home run in the same game that he set a record for most consecutive games with a strikeouts, one NFL team put a really good restaurant in a really bad place and the little league world series continues to be more pertinent than regular season baseball in what was an ironic week in sports news. With all that in mind let’s jump right in:

The Good: NFL Rule Rollbacks

Custom cleats.jpeg

The No-Fun-League, also known as the NFL received a lot of criticism last year for their various rules limiting players actions on the field. These ranged from the mild mannered to the ridiculous, but with every dawn comes a new day and this past week brought some much needed good news on the war against unnecessary football regulations. On Tuesday the NFL made touchdowns celebrations great again! Players can once again can use the football as a prop, celebrate on the ground and perform group celebrations. Then on Wednesday the NFL announced that they would allow players to wear custom cleats without fines and there was much rejoicing. Now players can only wear custom cleats during pregame up until warm ups and the cleats cannot be used to express political views so the league is literally only giving the players an inch but at least it’s an inch in the right direction.

The Bad: MLB Pre-and-Post Game Activities

Blue jays.PNG

People have been trying to fix baseball for years as America’s pastime continues to receive flack for the length of its games and it’s decreasing popularity. One marketing solution teams have come up with to draw in spectators with are giveaways, between inning races or postgame activities. This past week two such activities went wrong. The first first came Wednesday night at the ceremonial first pitch of a Red Sox game when 18 year old cancer survivor Jordan Leandre threw a ball that sailed high, outside and straight into a photographers nether regions.

{ Insert ball joke here }

The second instance followed a Blue Jays game when reporter Hazel Mae was talking to Justin Smoak after the Jays win. The first baseman was being interviewed after his game winning home run when a fellow Blue Jay tipped the celebratory Gatorade bath at the wrong angle and hit the interviewer instead.

{ Insert joke about getting getting the full scoop here }

The Ugly: The Atlanta Falcons


People love football. People love Chick-Fil-A. A match made in heaven. Two star crossed lovers destined for each other. The only problem – football is usually played on Sundays and Chick-Fil-A is closed on Sundays. This problem never seemed to occur to anyone planning the new Mercedes Benz Stadium as the home of the Falcons will have a Chick-Fil-A that will be closed on Sundays. The in-stadium restaurant will only be open for one of the Falcons home games this season. Poor planning on someone’s part for sure but just think how satisfied Atlanta fans will be on Thursday December 7th when they get their chicken and their football?


By: @HarryWahl07