Football is back! Kind of! Okay, not really but when it’s the first week in August and there’s the most preseason of preseason football games going on on somehow I still find myself watching 5th string players fighting for a roster spot. As Football continues to ramp up to the regular season so does baseball to the postseason but this past week also featured a slew of worldly games with various levels of competition and the end of an era for one of the world’s greatest and most historic athletes. Without further ado here are the standouts from the last week in sports news:

The Good: Rain Delays


As we’ve talked about before rain delays aren’t great when it doesn’t actually rain but sometimes good can still come from them! A great example of this happened last week during the Cubs and DiamondBacks break in the action. The game was already riveting with a 10-8 score and the opposing dug outs kept the action going during the delay by one upping each other stunt after stunt. A few of the highlights were bowling, fishing and of course bobsledding. All in all the relaxed pitching staffs did a tremendous job keeping things interesting. Full video recap of the shenanigans can be found here.

The Bad: Legacies


Two different sports legacies were changed this week. Sprinter Usain Bolt finished his final solo race with a third place finish and Doc Rivers got a demotion. Bolt was a staple of the Olympics and the Track and Field World in general and has set records that we may not see broken in our lifetimes. Bolt’s final 100 meter dash race was the 2017 World Champions where the fastest man in the world was still favored to win. He finished third behind Justin Gatlin and Christian Coleman, both from USA. The winning time was 9.92 seconds which considerably slower than Bolt’s record of 9.58 seconds from 2009. Father Time remains undefeated and it’s so hard for athletes to end on top so it remains unclear how this final race will affect Bolt’s standing in history.

The second affected legacy of the week was Doc Rivers being demoted from Head Coach and General Manager of the Clippers to just Head Coach. Now for the vast majority of NBA teams these roles are held by two different people since they inherently are two different full time jobs. However giving both jobs to one person is usually a good sign that they have all the keys to the kingdom and the backing of the franchise. This new move is also in-line with other rumors that Rivers is on the hot seat after four seasons with the Clippers that have resulted in 0 trips to the Western Conference Finals. While Doc won an NBA Finals with Celtics in 2008 it seems that his third coaching job in the league might have the biggest effect on how fans and the public remembers him.

The Ugly: Pointless NBA Games


The NBA recently held their Africa game which essentially was a week-long marketing ploy and cash grab that allowed the league to showcase some young talent while filling seats in a meaningless game. How do I know it was a meaningless game? Andre Drummond was the game’s MVP. While the game did have some exciting moments all in all this game was just an opportunity for people around the world to see NBA starts in person which I get but can we just come out and say that rather than hide it? The NBA also announced last week that three preseason games will occur between the Jazz, Thunder and Suns and three teams from the Australian National Basketball League. Again a marketing ploy but hopefully a step towards what could be an interesting concept of some global inter-league basketball. How do I know it’s a sham? The three Australian teams were the bottom three teams in their league last year.

Written by: Harry