This past week in sports brought on the second week of Kyrie Irving trade drama, NFL players returning (and not returning) to training camps, Jon “Bones” Jones winning his UFC fight against Daniel Cormier, the United States Men’s Soccer Team beat Jamaica to win the Gold Cup and the MLB Trade deadline is quickly approaching. With all that in mind let’s take a closer look at last week’s on and off the field action:

The Good: Wedding Season


Typically the summer months have been referred to as the wedding season due to the high volume of couples taking advantage of the good weather to start their newly wedding bliss. This leaves adults in their mid-twenties headed to a string of back-to-back weddings in a relatively short period of time. Apparently NBA stars are not immune to this phenomenon as this past week two wedding videos went viral. The first was Steph Curry impersonating LeBron James’s workout videos with Kyrie Irving egging him on. This has already started and will continue to be spun by sports media as a growing rift between Kyrie and LeBron instead of possibly two people having fun at wedding? The second wedding moment came with Travis Scott preforming at Rocket’s Forward Trevor Ariza’s wedding with Chris Paul and James Harden in attendance. NBA stars are real people too!

The Bad: The Cincinnati Reds


The Cincinnati Reds pulled off one of the more improbable plays in baseball this past week with a triple play against the Yankees. The triple play is a rare occurrence in baseball happening on average only two to five times a year in the course of over 2,000 baseball games. Good news right? Nope. What made this instance even more special was the fact that the Yankees still scored, a feat the majority of baseball fans didn’t even know was possible. With the bases loaded the last out of the triple play came after a base runner had already made it home allowing both a run to score and three outs to occur in the same play. It was the Reds first triple play since 1995 but the run that came with it proved crucial as the Reds lost the game 4-2 and now sit 20 games under .500 and 5th in the National League Central.

The Ugly: Julio Jones Jewelry


This past week Julio Jones made the last round of NFL story lines before training camps began when he lost an earring worth more than $100,000 during a jet ski outing at Lake Lanier in Georgia. For the average person a 6 figure piece of jewelry may seem ostentatious to say the least but considering Julio made $9.5 million dollars last year, he could afford to lose quite a few more earrings. With this fact in mind it seemed odd when reports came out that Jones hired a dive team to find his lost earring. Then to compound the confusion Jones had to set the record straight that he did not hire a dive team because the earring was insured. Whether or not there is a dive team in Lake Lanier is an issue for another day. For now let’s just say wearing expensive small things on jet skis probably isn’t a good idea.


By: Harry