The Good: The Houston Astros Sense of Humor

GBU 7-24.1

The Houston Astros are having themselves a year. Sitting at more than 30 games over .500 and 1st in the American League West the Astros are primed for their first post season run since 2015. I’d like to think part of their newfound success could be attributed to the team’s sense of humor. This was most recently put on display as the team, wearing black, held a funeral for Carlos Beltran’s glove. Carols played in the outfield for the Astros up until mid may when he was switched to DH (designated hitter). After two months of no longer playing the field Houston playfully decided he no longer needed his glove – and thus the funeral.  Hopefully more baseball teams follow suit and use some pregame antics to make the game a little more exciting.

The Bad: Third Base’s Poor Attempts Against Kris Bryant


You know when the Cubs are playing in Wrigley by the sheer number of people in Kris Bryant jerseys on game day. That same flock got worried when Bryant injured his hand sliding into third base early last week. The injury didn’t look good and yet Bryant was back in his usual role after missing only 17.5 innings, way ahead of schedule. It was the second time in as many injuries where Bryant returned way ahead of schedule. The other time Bryant rolled his ankle stepping awkwardly on third base. Why Kris has trouble with third base – or why he has no trouble with injuries – we may never know.

The Ugly: The Cleveland Cavaliers Future


In case you were under a rock during the end of this week, Kyrie Irving has requested a trade from Cleveland citing that he believes it’s time for him to have his own team and not be second fiddle to LeBron anymore. Devastating news for Cleveland faithful as most signs were already pointing to a LeBron James exit next summer but the idea of losing both Kyrie and LeBron also means potentially the end of a string of finals appearances for the Cavaliers. The Cavs will at least get something in return for trading Kyrie but the leak that he has requested a trade will significantly reduce his value. At least Cleveland officially hired a new General Manager who gets to figure out this mess.

Written by: Harry