This past week featured some major sporting events! The MLB All-Star Game, Wimbledon Finals, NBA Summer league games and more! All of which was probably overshadowed by Amazon Prime Day and the Game of Thrones season seven premier. But that’s not summer sports fault right? In 2017 it’s hard for a three-hour baseball game to compete with dragons, white walkers and some amazing online shopping deals. With all that in mind let’s jump into who won and lost in the sports world the last seven days:

The Good: Aaron Judge


For those who haven’t been locked into baseball so far this season here’s a quick recap. This past week was the All-Star break and Aaron Judge is really really really good at hitting home runs. With the change to the All-Star Game going into effect this year and it not having any effect on home field advantage in the World Series, all eyes were on the turned Home-Run Derby for some actual competition. A new bracket format left some fans frustrated as a few participants with higher home run numbers found themselves out of the final pairings. The reason the event still turned out to be a success however was because of the biggest man currently wearing pinstripes, Judge. The Yankees rookie was having a phenomenal season before the derby but this event will put him on the map for the rest of all sports fans. Why? Because it’s hard not to root for somebody who can hit home runs over 500 feet or, better yet, into the roof of a domed stadium.

The Bad: Competition at Wimbledon

Wimbledon, one of tennis’s premier tournaments, wrapped up this weekend on the grassy courts of England. Rodger Federer won in straight sets to beat Marin Cilic and get his record 8th Wimbledon title. Everyone in the crowd was presumably there to witness said history as Cilic did not having a fighting chance against one of tennis’s all-time greats. Upsets are exciting and great for sports but in the right circumstances. This year Wimbledon was hit with a slew of upsets that started early and often leaving marquee names off the final ticket. Stars like Rafael Nadal, England’s own Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic all left Federer an easy path to victory and gave fans around the world less of a reason to watch. With the time change it’s hard to get Americans to wake up and watch early morning tennis on a Sunday. It was and will continue to get exponentially harder if we know who’s going to win before the match starts.

The Ugly:  Big Baller Brand


Lonzo Ball is putting on a show during summer league and looks primed to have a fun rookie season on a must watch young Laker team. His first summer league game was not memorable save for slipping in his own signature $495 shoes. Since then there has been nearly a different pair of shoes worn every game and none of them belong to Big Baller Brands, the company of Lonzo’s eccentric father LaVar. LaVar infamously wanted to negotiate a massive contract for Lonzo with any of the major shoe companies but was unsuccessful because he wanted Big Baller Brand to be a part of any deal. With Nike, Adidas and more leaving Lonzo unsigned (and with millions of millions left on the table) seeing the future of the NBA wearing a variety of different shoes has now reopened the door for different companies to attempt to sign him again. Whether he signs or not this is not good for Big Baller Brands. When you have a signature shoe and your (only) marquee player chooses to wear not only another shoe but another brand – that’s not a good look for you. Thankfully LaVar got back in front of the cameras and told everyone not to worry because his son gets to wear all different kinds of shoes and brands because he’s a big baller! That makes sense right? It’s not because his dad’s custom shoes aren’t good for basketball or anything like that.

By: Harry