With a full week of free-agency behind us most of the big names are off the board. The only NBA action left is the summer league where fans can get exited (or disappointed) after an exhibition game where their newly drafted talent played.The upcoming MLB all-star game signals the halfway point of the baseball season. It also means that we have a few more months before baseball actually matters. And last but not least the NFL preseason is still a few weeks away. With all this in mind we can safely say we are in the doldrums of the sports world. In this sports lull we took a look back on who had good, and bad, weeks over the last seven days:

The Good: NBA Twitter

In recent years the NBA offseason has arguably been better than the regular season. Part of the reason is the elusive hope that every offseason draft and free agent signings bring fans. The other reason is that the offseason is peak NBA Twitter. If you’re not familiar with the term NBA Twitter is exactly what it sounds like – NBA players interacting with each other on Twitter. These interactions become much better and much more frequent during the offseason and this offseason has been no exception. For example here are three teams trying to recruit (at the time) free agent Gordon Hayward:

Tweets 1.png

And here is Giannis using a Kendrick lyric to dispel all the rumors of him leaving Milwaukee in 2021:

Tweets 2

The Bad: The Washington National’s Weatherman

On July 6th the Washington Nationals were scheduled to play the Atlanta Braves with a first pitch at 7:05 p.m. That pitch actually came three hours later at 10:10. The reason? A storm that never came. Tracking a weather system before the game, the Nationals believed an incoming storm was imminent and would delay and possible cause the game to be rescheduled. On the contrary the grounds crew didn’t even pull out the tarps onto the field until more than hour into the delay. The worst the situation got was very light rain for a few minutes. After three hours the Nationals realized they had been duped and started the game. #RIP to that weatherman’s credibility for a while with the organization.

Here was the Nationals official statement after the incident:

Nationals statement.PNG

At least they still have Bryce Harper…. for now.

The Ugly: Bad NBA Contracts


The NBA salary kept has been steadily rising over the past decade leading to larger and larger NBA contracts to everyone from the max salary star to the last man on the roster. However this offseason has had a series of deals that made everyone from executives to casual fans scratch their head. For example the New York Knicks decided to sign Tim Hardaway Jr. to a 4 year 71 million dollar contract. Hardaway was formerly a Knick before being traded to the Atlanta Hawks. Since the Hawks owned the expiring contract, making Hardaway a restricted free agent, the Knicks had to make Tim an offer he couldn’t refuse and one the Hawks wouldn’t want to match. Some other free agents saw questionable pay days such as Kelly Olynyk (4 years $50 million), Otto Porter (4 years $106 million), Zaza Pachulia (1 year $3.5 million), J.J. Redick (1 year $23 million) and Tyreke Evans (1 year $3.3 million). If you’re Tyreke Evans and you’re going to make less than Zaza next year you need to fire your agent immediately. Essentially it seems with the Warriors dominance this past year general managers seem to have decided either to pay for what they think they need or kick the can further down the road.

Written by: Harry