In a stunning turn of events Thursday night the Chicago Bears traded up one pick to take Mitch Trubisky from North Carolina at number two.

I am truly torn on this decision by the Bears front office. I know a good amount of people are upset by the pick, especially the way it happened. It seemed a bit odd that Chicago traded up just one spot to get Trubisky. They gave up a good amount of mid round picks and I can absolutely guarantee you they did this because they firmly believed another team was about to trade to this spot for their QB. There is no way they just did this because they felt like it . If Trubisky is truly their QB1 of the future, then by all means this was a great pick.



Cleveland Browns

Cleveland absolutely stockpiled draft picks here by trading back with the Texans so they could grab DeShaun Watson. They come away with Myles Garrett, Jabrill Peppers, and David Njoku, each player bringing diverse play making abilities to the table. Garrett will be a stud and so will David Njoku. My biggest worry for them is Jabrill but his athleticism should carry over.


San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers moved one pick back in the draft, still drafted the player they wanted, and stockpiled several mid-round picks while they were at it. Solomon Thomas is an unreal pass rusher who will provide much needed support to a failing ‘Niners defense. The Reuben Foster pick is an absolute steal at 31. The trade-up was a great move as the Saints also need help at the linebacker position.


Gareon Conley, CB, OSU

This guy was projected late second round to early third round in several mock drafts and the Raiders just took him in the first round. He started as a first round prospect, but then fell when he was accused of raping a girl. The police have found holes in the woman’s story, who won’t even testify, and he took a passed a lie detector test when interviewing with the Baltimore Ravens. The Raiders are of course the team that takes a chance on him, and it seems fitting that he will be going to Vegas. If you don’t know why he will fit in perfectly, go read the story of what actually happened.


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Los Angeles Rams

The LA Rams traded up to the first pick in the 2016 NFL Draft with the Tennessee Titans by giving up a slew of picks which included this year’s fifth overall pick. The Rams could have chosen from any of the top three wideouts, a solid tight end, pass rusher or defensive back, each of which was available at pick number five and is a position of need. At least they have who they believe is their franchise QB1 in Jared Goff.


Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs made a drastic move Thursday night trading up from pick number 27 to number 10 to draft Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes II. Some compare this kid to Brett Favre, but I don’t see it yet. He is obviously a project QB who will learn under the aging Alex Smith for a year or two. Maybe he will be a great franchise QB1, but it was tough to trade this far up for him.


Jonathan Allen and Reuben Foster

What a horrible night for these two guys. Allen fell to 17, due to arthritis in his shoulders, where he will likely succeed in an improved Washington Redskins’ defense. He will be a nice compliment to Josh Norman at the corner position. Foster has several issues including attitude problems and a diluted drug test sample at the combine, so it is no surprise that he fell this far. What is pretty unfortunate for him, however, is that he fell this far and STILL got selected by a horrible team.



Tennessee Titans

Selecting Corey Davis at number five was a bit of a head scratcher at first, but then Mike Williams and John Ross both got taken in the top 10 as well. To put it simply, WRs are at a premium in the NFL and the Titans were not going to miss their chance at a top WR1 for Mariota to throw it to. The Adoree Jackson pick at 18 surprises me a bit more, though. With O.J. Howard and Reuben Foster on the board, I am shocked GM Jon Robinson did not pull the trigger. He has always taken the approach of drafting the best player in the first round instead of the top need, but he changed his style this year. Side note: Why in the world was RB a “top need” for this team when they have DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry? Great job ESPN.


New York Giants

Personally I am a huge fan of the Evan Engram pick as the Giants need a top TE. I am very shocked they did not, however, take David Njoku from Miami. I was very high on Engram coming out of the combine, but I never thought he would go above Njoku. Props to the Giants for this receiving corps now, by the way. WR1 – Odell, WR2 – BMarsh, WR3 – Sterling Shephard, TE – Evan Engram. Go get you another Super Bowl, Eli!

Rounds 2-3

Tonight – Friday, April 28. 7:00 P.M. EST


Written by: Knox


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