While only one major name jumped teams this trade deadline there still was plenty of re-positioning and excitement that happened along the way. We’re going to break every trade down starting with the earliest and biggest trade:


Winner: Pelicans

Anytime you have a chance to get a top 10 talent in the league you do it, no questions asked. Boogie escapes his personal hell that was Sacramento and now gets to play with Anthony Davis. Expect to see the same level of intensity out of Boogie but a better environment and more success. The Kings organization apparently had a better offer earlier in the week for Boogie, and I hope that’s true because this was a steal of a deal for the Pelicans in the grand scheme of things. Also you have to feel terrible for Tyreke Evans being forced to go back to his old franchise and play without any talent.


Winner: Both teams

Both teams get what they wanted in what was actually a pretty fair trade. The Rockets bolster their bench unit for their post season run while the Lakers continue to build with a first round pick. Lou Williams should love the run and gun system in Houston and a chance to shine in the playoffs.

Trade 3.png

Winner: Nets

The Brooklyn Nets have been stuck in the absolute worst spot in the NBA for the past several years. After trading the future for Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett four years ago the Nets have been absolutely awful. But it gets worse – they traded away all of those incredibly valuable draft picks in that deal meaning that their horrendous seasons weren’t even rewarded with a high draft pick. This trade is finally a step back in the right direction as they will get a first-rounder which they desperately need more than Bojan.

Trade 4.png

Winner: Hawks

Ilyasova > Splitter especially when you have Dwight Howard clogging up the paint and the Hawks got a pick out of it as well. Struggling to see where Splitter fits into a crowded Philly front-court.

trade-5Winner: Mavs

The most lopsided trade of the day. As mentioned above Philly has a log jam in the front court but this was not the solution. The 76ers effectively traded Noel for Justin Anderson. The pick Philly received is top 18 protected and the Mavericks are not going to make it out of the lottery so that pick will switch back to the Mavs. In addition the 76ers are already in talks for a Bogut contract buyout because again – they don’t have room or need for him in that young and up-coming front court.

Trade 6.png

Winner: Neither team

This trade really doesn’t make sense for either team. OKC is forward heavy with Sabonis, Kanter and Adams while they have been thin all year at guard. Meanwhile the Bulls needed to pull the trigger on a Butler trade to enter full rebuild move (spoiler alert: they didn’t). Instead the Bulls front office continued to display gross negligence as they traded away McDermott, Gibson and a second-round pick for two guards who aren’t going to play over Michael Carter-Williams, Rondo or Wade. The last reason this trade stinks is that Westbrook loses his pregame dancing partner Cameron Payne. Who will he dance with now? Kyle Singler? I doubt it but we’ll have to wait and see.


Winner: Roy Hibbert

This was a really random trade that doesn’t do much for either team. Denver gets a backup center and Milwaukee gets a second-rounder? The story here is Hibbert is with his third team in a week. Remember when he was a two time All-Star? At least he goes from Milwaukee to Denver which is a plus? We think?

Trade 8.png

Winner:  Both teams

This move clears up the room for Houston to have Lou Williams financially and the minutes for him to be on the court while giving the Nets another young player.

Trade 9.pngWinner: Both teams

Same exact reasoning as Nets-Rockets trade above except insert Lakers every time it says Nets.

Trade 10.png

Winner: Mike Scott’s Emoji Tattoos mike-scott-tattoo

Trade 11.png

Winner: Raptors

P.J. Tucker completes Raptors plan of acquiring the best closing line-up they can entering the playoffs. Come crunch time the Raptors can now potentially play Lowry-DeRozan-Tucker-Carroll-Ibaka. Will that be enough to beat the Cavs? Probably not but this move shows the Raptors believe their time and best chance is right now.

All-in-all a moderate trade deadline when you realize that starting with a Boogie Cousins trade means you can only go down from there. Paul George, Andre Drummond and Butler are three players whose names were tossed around but weren’t moved. Expect a George trade if the Pacers can’t convince him to stay long term and a Butler trade if the Bulls front office figures out what the hell they are doing. Both trades would be coming this off season.